Mikhail Kalashnikov: From a Strangers Doorstep to the Kremlin Gates, 1997

Mikhail Kalashnikov: From a Strangers Doorstep to the Kremlin Gates
Publisher: Military Parade Publ House (1997)
ISBN-10: 577340009X
ISBN-13: 978-5773400097
456 pages
with 20 pages of photographs

Prices can range from $225 to $289

I bought this one in April 2014
From a guy who purchased this copy in 1999 from a seller in Ukraine

Written By Mikhail Kalashnikov.
Hardcover, 456 pages with 24 photos and illustrations. The original First Edition published in 1997 by Military Parade Publishing House in Moscow.

a story posted online following Kalashnikov ‘s death in December, 2013, where an author who personally knew him commented that:

“Yet Mikhail Kalashnikov had obviously thought much about his role in the world – and about death – and he wanted, I thought, some kind of absolution. “It is not my fault that the Kalashnikov became very well known in the world,” he said, “that it was used in many troubled places. I think the policies of these countries are to blame, not the weapons designers. Man is born to protect his family, his children, his wife. But I want you to know that apart from armaments, I have written three books in which I try to educate our youth to show respect for their families, for old people, for history…”`

The old boy produced an English-language edition of his book – ‘From a Stranger’s Doorstep to the Kremlin Gates’, quite a good read, with plenty of self-deprecating patriotism… “I lived at a time when we all wanted to be of benefit to our (Soviet) state,” he said. “To some extent, the state took care of its heroes and designers….In the village where I was born, according to a special decree, a monument was erected to me, twice my height.. In the city of Izhevsk where I live, there is now a Kalashnikov museum with a section dedicated to my life – and this was erected in my lifetime!

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