Collecting the AK47; Books, Magazines, Manuals, etc

“Why would anyone want or need an AK47?”

We hear this question a lot, and this video is an answer..

One reason I like the AK47 is it’s history. Researching the AK47 in books, magazines and other methods is entertaining and educational.

Here is a quick tour of a small collection of AK47 books, magazines, manuals and other research materials and collectibles.

AK47 Buyers Guide

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Beyond the Firearm AK 47/74 in CQB

Beyond the Firearm AK 47/74 in CQB
by Saulius “Sonny” Puzikas
Russian AK Combat Training Techniques

Beyond the AK47 in CQB (Close Quarters Battle) is the first of it’s kind instructional DVD on the subject of methods and tactics used by elite Soviet / Russian Spetsnaz professionals, armed with an AK family of weapons. Made by Saullus ‘Sonny’ Puzlkas
This clip shows some of the highlights of this martial art and it’s methods of three dimential movement and rapid deployment for combat

We made this video in June, 2006 when we used to sell this video for ‘Sonny’ Puzlkas
We do NOT have anymore copies for sale

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