Practical Guide to the Operational Use of the AK47/AKM and AK74 Rifle

By Erik Lawrence
Mar 10, 2015
120 pages
180+ color pictures 
UPC: 853813004167

Developed for weapons familiarization classes and instructor development
accurate reference manuals
ISBN-10: 1941998011

Printed 100 copies at a time
the manuals as they are ever evolving from user feedback.

This practical guide will give the reader:

* background/specifications of the weapon and its capability
* Multiple descriptive photographs 
* instructions on its operation
*disassembly and assembly procedures
* demonstrate correct employment of tripod
* proper safe firing procedures
* malfunction and misfire procedures

Operator level maintenance will also be detailed to allow the operator to understand and become competent in the use and maintenance of the AK47/AKM and AK74 rifle system.