Soviet Small Arms and Ammunition; 1995

Soviet Small Arms and Ammunition
By David Naumovich Bolotin
Hardcover; 304 pages
First printing in Russian
1995 English translation
Out of print
Publisher: Finish Arms Museum Foundation, Finland
ISBN-10: 9519718419
ISBN-13: 978-9519718415

Table of contents translated into English:
Foreword, Author’s Preface, Introduction, I. Fedorov’s Automatic Weaponry and the Unification of Small Arms, II. Bolt-Action Rifles and Carbines. III. Automatic Rifles and Carbines. IV. Automatic Pistols. V. Sub-Machine Guns and Assault Rifles. VI. Light Machine Guns. VII. Medium Machine Guns. VIII. Heavy Machine Guns. IX. Aerial Machine Guns. X. Tank Machine Guns. XI. Anti-Tank Weapons. XII. Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun Mounts. Conclusion, Bibliography, Index.