штыки к автоматам калашникова, 2012

штыки к автоматам калашникова
Kalashnikov Bayonets
Volume 132 page
Russian-language edition
Voronezh, 2012
ISBN 978-5-93737-051-8
Stimost book

220 ​​* 300 mm
glossy, full color
Only 500 copies made
1990 Russian Ruble
$59.64 US
80 different bayonets, classified by country
The compilers of the book are the recognized experts in the field of antique weapons in general, and in particular bayonets
Eugene Boldyrev (certified Rosokhrankultura Russian expert on antique weapons, the owner of an online store www.zemlyanka-v.ru)
Iliev (the world’s largest collector of bayonets to AK)
Cyril Baryshnikov (the creator and owner of the portal www.bayonet.lv)
original photo taken by a professional photographer A. Kulakov
Today it is the most complete Russian-language edition by bayonets to the AK and its clones, and the most high quality picture book in the world.

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