Firearms News, Book of the AK47 2016

Available on August 25th, 2016

2016 edition of the Book of the AK47 
special all-AK issue

The first time this publication came out under Firearms News
(formerly the Shotgun News).

2013 was the first issue the Book of the AK47

“Richard Venola’s Kraut engineers in Russia article. Many have the common notion that the AK has some German influence in it. How much so? That’s debatable! One thing for sure, Hugo Schmeisser and Werner Gruner (the MG42 designer) was in Izhevsk from shortly after the end of WWII to the early 1950s. Venola also has another piece on the history of bayonet use in this issue.”

there are four articles on AK ammo and their ballistics. David Fortier’s AK ammo for SBR and the secretive Russian 7.62x54R dedicated sniper rounds. Jim Tarr’s ballistic gel block tests of the common 7.62x39mm AK rounds. Col. Chris Pappas (retired US. Army) talks about custom hand loading the 7.62x54R cartridge for precision shooting. “

articleabout the Arsenal and Gemtech collaboration on bring their effective and affordable factory suppressed AK combination to the US market.
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