Firearms News, Book of the AK47 2017


Go deep into the world of not only the AK47, but everything Combloc related with our new Book of the AK47.

Book of the AK47 is designed to educate you about the world of Kalashnikovs, past, present and future as well as everything Combloc related. Peek inside and you’ll find in-depth articles on firearms, ammunition, optics, accessories and the men who make them. In this issue we take a look at modern AKs like Century’s C39v2 Zhukov, IWI’s new Galil Ace pistol, Palmetto State Armory’s GB2 Classic Red AK, FIME Group?s Vepr 12 short barrel shotgun and Definitive Arms 6.5mm Grendel conversion.

If you’re interested in modern accessories Richard King examines interfacing modern night vision with the AK while Tim Yan checks out a host of the latest muzzle brakes and Matt Korovesis tests Svetogor Defense AK magazines. If historical pieces are more your style we have you covered as well. Tim Yan looks at the development of the RPG-2 and China’s Type 81 rifle in 5.56x45mm, Mikhail Dragunov shares the story of Soviet 14.5mm anti-tank rifles and Paul Scott covers the differences between Soviet and US sniper training and employment.

Along the way we also examine a variety of loads from Wolf Performance Ammunition, Pioneer Arms of Poland’s return to the US commercial market with their PPS-43C pistol, plus we spend time at the Red Oktober Kalashnikov event and interview AK guru Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics.

If you’re looking for in-depth no BS info on Kalashnikovs, the Book of the AK47 is the grail you seek.
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